The Zenith 6D Dual Core massage chair comes with a completely newly developed massage that has never been seen before in the massage chair market. It comes with double rollers where it enables the chair to massage your neck and shoulder and lower back at the same time,as well as the new flexible track brings on new Thai Stretch. There are many more new features packed in this chair that makes the chair a must have!

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World’s 1st 6D Dual Core Chair
The 6D Zenith Dual Core has few world's first technologies that changes the way we used to get massage.
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Double Massage Mechanisms
First Dual mechanism massage chair means twice as much efficiency just like 2 masseuses massaging your back at the same time.
Awarded Nobel Prize,Graphene is the newest, strongest,thinnest, most conductive and 100% carbon material,It outperforms all other known materials. The far infrared rays are adjustable and is considered as an ideal therapy for sore muscles and improving blood circulation.
Full coverage of shoulder, back,arm,waist,knee,leg and foot,by using pulsating style inflating-deflating, Airbags mimic pushing,pulling,squeezing and pressing human hands massage techniques.
The brand-new automatic body scan technology intelligently adapts the chair to your body shape to give you the most soothing massage experience available.
Flexible Track Top Of The Line Tech

Featured in extension, THAI STRETCH uses combination work of 2 Mechanisms to provide a relaxing yet invigorating session of energy work.

Top-of-the-line super flexible track for first time in the industry,instead of focusing on leg stretching and fixed track on the back , flexible track extends stretching to whole body,offers core muscle group a great stretch and helps to rejuvenate ultimately.

Quick Touch Controller
The armrest has 7 quick access buttons to facilitate access different auto mode and the basic functions of the massage chair.
Cinematic Surround Sound
Maximise your therapy session by connecting to any smart devices and listen to your favorite relaxing music or meditation programs.
Tablet & Charging Station
Variety of programs for different user types or focused on different areas of body including neck & shoulder ect, as well as programs such as stretch, deep tissue and meditation programs to suit every needs.
Zero Gravity
Adjust to any number of angles and height for the ultimate repose. Choose Lay Flat Recline for a restful, inactive position or elevate your legs slightly higher than your heart in Zero Gravity to improve circulation, increase lung capacity and gently decompress the lumbar spine.
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Model Zenith 6D Dual Core
Rate Voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz
Power 180 W
Track Shape S-L Flexible  Track 135 CM
Heating Waist & Calf
Size Upright  1670*845*1245mm
Size Reclined 1800*845*985mm
Dimensions of Packing (L*W*H) Box 1: 161 x 85 x 88  CM        Box 2: 121.5 x 44 x 66 CM     Box 3: 56 x 54 x 61 CM
N.W./ G.W. Box 1: 110KG /132KG       Box 2: 34KG /29KG     Box 2: 25KG /25KG
Extension of Footrest Auto
Weight of Chair Approx 159 KG

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