It’s a game-changer. The Formatica iQ has been developed to be one of the only massage chairs that can truly make every massage tailor-made. With exclusive iQ technology that can change the intensity of the massage, an S-L shaped rail that best conforms to your spine and smart massaging airbags to give you an all-over experience; the Formatica iQ is designed to give the most immersive massage experience

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Voice Assist, App Control and Surround Sound System

It’s iQ for a reason! Imagine coming home from a long day at work and your full time masseuse is waiting to melt away your aches and pains.
Thanks to Formatica iQ voice assist, now you can select any massage program and make adjustments without lifting a finger.
Using the app you have the ability to customise your programs and massage the parts of your body that needs it most, the way you want it!
With directional speakers and full bluetooth connectivity, you can detach from the outside world and sink deeply into relaxation.

The 1st chair in the world with both auto height & width adjustment capabilities.
Too Big? Too Small? No Problem!
Formatica iQ automatically adjusts it's width and length to make every massage perfect!
Animation showing foot rest extension of Formatica iQ Massage Chair
Blonde woman sitting in Formatica iQ Massage Chair with 66cm shoulder width option
Animation showing circular motion of calf massager on Formatica iQ Massage Chair
Kneading Calf Massage™

A brand new addition to our total reflexology massage. This upgraded design now applies Shiatsu rollers to the back of the calves to provide a complete leg massage experience. The air bags, foot rollers and knee massager work in harmony to aid in recovery and relaxation

This space-saving technology enables the Formatica iQ massage chair to move forward on its track, allowing you to place it right against the wall.
Elex Formatica iQ chair reclining to show zero wall-space technology
Auto & Manual Programs
The 12 automatic programs are designed to give you all-over therapeutic relief as well as programmable manual modes to focus on specific areas with ability to adjust intensity, speed and more.
This program is designed for people who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk or travelling. This program is targeted to ease muscle tension and rejuvenate the entire body.
Relax is a gentle program that is perfect for winding down the mind and body before sleep. The rocking motion combines with a soothing kneading motion that gradually becomes lighter to help soothe your body.
The extend program uses Thai massage techniques that use a strong kneading and stretching of the body. The program is effective at stretching the legs, waist, and back for better posture. This is the best choice to relax tired muscles and work on sore points of the body.
This program is designed for people who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk or travelling. This program is targeted to ease muscle tension and bring a sense of energy into the body
Royal Treatment
This is moderate to vigorous program designed to ease muscle tension and recuperate the entire body.
Stress Relief
The perfect program to use after long stressful day, a variety of different techniques are used to reduce both physical and mental tension.
Upper Body
This program is designed to relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain with targetted techniques using the air bags and rollers. The design of the chair allows the massage rollers to get into every curve.
Lower Body
This is designed to relieve pain in the lower back, legs and feet. The main rollers will target the middle to lower parts of the back whilst the rollers in the calves and feet work in harmony with the airbags to bring relief to your lower extremities.
Gentle Care
A mild program that is designed to softly promote full-body relaxation and low-intensity muscle relief
Deep Tissue
The deep tissue program uses slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue in order to provide reliefs for strains and sports injuries
Mindful meditation-based program to help control stress and preserve health. It combines rhythmic breathing techniques to promote calm and focussed attention.
The revive massage program helps relax and lengthen muscles, loosen stiff joints and improve blood circulation.
In any massage mode you can have the LED mood lights turned on or off to change the ambience of the room.
Side profile of Formatica iQ Chair showing the different lighting options
In any massage mode you can choose to have the led mood lights turned on to change the room ambience instantly.
Zero Gravity
Zero gravity position elevates your knees above your heart; allowing the spine to decompress, provides a sense of weightlessness, and maximises the effects of the massage rollers.
Side view of Formatica iQ massage chair showing position and angles of zero gravity mode
Woman adjust pillows on Black Formatica iQ massage chair
Neck Support, Back Cover and Foot Pads
With every Formatica iQ you will get a set of double neck support pads, back cover and foot pads incase if you want to experience a softer, more gentle option
Blonde woman sitting in Black Formatica iQ Massage Chair using phone
App Control and USB Charger
Take full control over the chair using your phone, whilst keeping your battery charged with the built-in USB charger
Close-up of Formatica iQ Massage Chair
Saffiano Leather and Detailed Crafting
A durable synthetic-based leather which is often used in luxury car seats and clothing. It's a breathable material that can withstand heat whilst maintaining its stretchiness
Key Features
Long S-L track (140 CM)
Space-Saving Design
Kneading Calf Massage™
4D Technology
Voice Assist
App Control
Auto Width & Height Adjust
Bluetooth Sound System
12 Automatic Programs
Total Foot Reflexology
LED Mood Lights
Sleep Rocking™
Dimensions of the Formatica iQ 4D Massage Chair
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    1. Stuart Luke

      Elex massage chairs, fantastic, we ordered our chair from the company in WA , we live in Bonnells Bay NSW near Newcastle, the salesman Shainu offered us free delivery to inside our home at Bonnells Bay plus a free Eye Massager and a discount on the chair as well. He was so nice and helpful. We brought the new Formatica IQ 4D Chair, it is fantastic. My wife was a bit worried about paying the money up front before the chair was delivered, but we had no problems as Shainu kept us informed with the delivery. We are 69 and 67 years old ,this is our first massage chair we have brought and we could not be happier. 5 out of 5 for quality and service. Thank you Elex and Shainu the salesman.
      Stuart and Mary.

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