Zero Gravity Massage Chair vs. Regular Massage Chairs

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There is nothing more satisfying these days than a few moments of relaxation consideration the current lifestyle of people all around the world. Stress and over working are two reason that are known to cause multiple other illnesses, which are triggered by constant hectic and tedious work that requires mental and physical strength. To manage this work stress, acquire freshness physically and emotionally, and to experience an immediate boost of energy, massage is the best solution.

Hectic Lifestyle Needs 3D Zero G Massage Chair

There are many researches which state that hot baths, foot soaks and massages are the best options that calm your body. Many essential oils and scented candles are readily available in the market, made for the purpose of making different techniques of relaxation more comfortable and long lasting. Massage parlors can be your one stop solution to get rid of stiffness and soaring muscles. They have personalized sessions, including aromatherapy, oil massage and the serene environment that will balance your mood. But each session costs about a hundred dollars with other relaxation therapies involved and not everyone has the time or money to visit these parlors frequently.

The best alternate to such time consuming task is to invest in a 4D Massage Chair. A massage chair offers the perfect solution for relieving stress and calming the muscles down. Massage chairs may cost you a lot more as an upfront investment but these are a durable and permanent source of physical relaxation, with the benefit of being available readily at your home or even your work place! You can take your appointment at any hour instead of looking up for a parlor that is open on weekends and after work.

3D Massage Chair Can Rescue In Desperate Times

Release Stressed with 3D Massage Chair

Massage chairs have revolutionized since their beginning. These aren’t only vibrating chairs or reclining seats anymore; today, they offer strategic cushioning and airbags placed under the body muscles whose frequent movement will loosen you up. The newest technologies that are installed in these systems also include body
scans that allow the machine to understand your body and concentrate on the effective areas to relax the effected parts of your body. Similarly, these pioneering technologies also include strokes and weight capacity.

The best massage chair that has taken the market limelight is the Formatica iQ Massage Chair, which has been amusing the people and receiving praising reviews from the users.  These chairs are installed with rollers that not only move up and down in a single specific width, but also move along sides to give that extra dimension to the body massage. This causes the relaxation to be a lot deeper than just a few layers because of the extra movement. Now the user has the control to make the massage more or less intense. You can control the blades, movement and rotation match it your body’s ease. With many types of massage chair available in the market, you have to make the choice keeping in view your physical requirements. Calculating the pro and cons of every machine can bring you to the perfect one for you!

Zero G Massage Chair vs. Regular Massage Chair

Zero gravity massage chairs are one of the recent versions of massage chairs that combine 3D technology. These chairs are like the stress reliving sanctuary that you can imagine. You can feel the chair reclining as soon as you sit in it comfortably. It distributes your body weight equally on the chair and you will not feel your legs, calves or feet taking the burden of your weight.

  • The massage chair adjusts to the body and then begins to activate the vibrating surfaces that cause slow and subtle motions.
  • There are heating pads installed in the chair so you can warm yourself up in those cosy winter nights.
  • The airbags in the 3D massage chairs works like a smooth and a systematic combination of vibrations and pressure points, an application that eases your muscles and joints in no time.
  • The reason why a zero gravity chair is called by this name is the reclining position that it takes when you test it for a massage. The chair takes a vertical position and lifts your feet off the ground, such as an astronaut’s position during the takeoff.
  • The Zero gravity massage chair requires less maintenance and gives the user a stable and strong machine for years to experience to remove pain and aches of the body.

As compared to this;

  • A regular massage chair is comparatively a little less expensive, and is relatively easy to find in the market in numerous brands and forms.
  • A regular massage chair may also use air bags and vibrating surfaces, but the functionality ratio would be a lot less than the 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair.
  • Regular massage chairs offer no heating pads for a more in-depth massage. Their functionality and motion is very basic with fewer variations.
  • The best massage chairs available in the market that are not 3D only offer a variety in build and material. You can choose the most comfortable material you like.

A regular massage chair is a good bargain in terms of expenses. If you have a limited budget then this can be a suitable option. However, it is a fact that regular massage chairs are outdated as they require more maintenance to work efficiently over a longer period of time.

3D Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Have Won Over the Market

The features in massage chairs are constantly changing. New and improved massagers, that can perform the Japanese and Chinese relaxing techniques, are being installed in the newest systems. This means that you can experience somewhere between 3-4 types of different massages in one system. Serene Music and calming sounds are also added to the new versions, giving you the complete massaging environment as your private masseuse might give you.

3D massage chairs are coming with new and improved body scanners that calculate your weight, stress levels and your sore muscles which need the most attention. These entire features make the massage chairs a must have and truly relaxing mode of calming your aching muscles down after a tiresome routine. But the best part of the deal is the fact that if you invest in these amazing chairs, then your spa costs will be reduced for years to come as this one time investment will give you the best massages and relaxing vibrations right at your home.

For more detailed and informative options, check out the price comparisons of some of the latest models that offer low costs and greater functionalities for everyone. You can buy these off online or visit your nearest stores to test the services by yourself.

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