What are the benefits of foot massage before sleeping?

Close up of foot being massaged by hands

What are the benefits of foot massage before sleeping?

The foots are bottom most organ of our body and surly you heard that they call as our second heart. But how much we care about their health? Every day we use them, and they suffered our weight on themselves, and in our busy times, we actually forget that this active organ also need to treatment and care. Most of us use from our legs every day, and get them into most pressure, without we think about a good massage for them.

We occupy with our daily responsibilities and works and then we forget our foot’s importance in the efficiency and flexibility of body. Some people who go to swimming in pool and sauna most times, they had find the importance of foot and they know much things about treatment of foots. What about other people?

Science is explaining that why massage is good for foots, and it is useful for our general health? Unlike public believes, foot massage has many benefits. Every night massage your foots for 10-15 minutes before sleeping.

Eight benefits of foot massage before sleeping:

1. It prevents of foot’s injuries
2. It cause to improving the blood flow
3. Foot metatarsus massage reduces the blood pressure
4. Foot metatarsus massage relieves headache
5. It relieves the pain and symptoms of heel spurs and flat feet
6. It causes to reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression
7. It relieves the symptoms of premenstrual and menopause
8. Reducing the Edema’s effects with foot metatarsus massage

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