Support Your Sports Activity with Massage Chair Therapy

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If you are a fitness buff or love to indulge in any sport like tennis, golf, basketball, or football for recreation, you would be already aware how important routines like stretching and warming-up are before initiating these activities. Did you know that adding massage therapy to your post workout regimen is another recommended element by fitness trainers nowadays? If you already are not doing that, then you should start as it helps your body recover from the wear and tear it undergoes during a strenuous workout.

Sportsmen and professional athletes understand the value of massage therapy before and after any sporting event, as it helps them improve their performance and protect their bodies against injuries. That is why, a sports massage therapist or athletic trainer is usually engaged on full time basis by professional sports team managers.

Electronic Massage Chair As A Sports Massage Therapist

robotic massage chair for sports therapy

A sports massage is a form of massage therapy, which comprises of deeper, stronger and fast-paced massage movements as well as calculated stretching of muscles. A sports massage therapist prepares the athletes for vigorous exertion through warming up, stretch, and massaging particular sets of muscles before, during and after a game. Since sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs can’t employ the services of these sports massage therapists, masseuses or physiotherapists on regular basis, they can always get virtually the same therapeutic benefits from an electronic massage therapy chair of a high-end and reputable brand. These chairs are equipped with numerous massage therapies like Reflexology, Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue massage.

Massage therapy when administrated correctly and regularly yields the following benefits to fitness enthusiasts, amateur and professional players:

Improved Flexibility

Painful ‘knots’ or ‘trigger points’ in muscles are formed during strenuous workout sessions and sports activities due to strain on a particular set of muscles. This causes bodily pain and restriction in movement. Thus, sports massage therapy loosens these painful knots, relieves trigger points in muscles and improves flexibility.

Treatment and Prevention of Pain

Prevent Pain From Sports Massage Chair

Intense sporting activity and workout lead to soreness tightness of muscles glutes, hamstrings and quads, and pain and soreness in knees and hips. A therapeutic sports message relives post-workout soreness and pain and prevents future muscular injuries, such as sprains, pullouts, and fractures.

All in all, the use of a high-end massage therapy chair gives a thorough sports message.  It reduces tension, relaxes, and warms up tense and stiff muscles. It is useful for amateur and pro athletes as well as fitness buffs. These robotic massage chairs are certainly not cheap but are worth the investment, as they eliminate the constant need of consulting and hiring sports massage therapists on regular basis.

Cellular Regeneration

The latest research on cellular regeneration reveals that massage therapy reduces muscular inflammation and improves the production of cellular energy units called mitochondria. This means getting an electronic chair massage right after exercising mitigates cellular wear and tear and renews cellular energy.

Enhancement of Blood Circulation

Massage therapy dilates blood vessels and enhances the circulation of blood throughout the body, thus leading to improved oxygen supply throughout the body. Replenished oxygen levels in the body helps in the overall improvement of health.

Elimination of Toxins

During intense physical activity, the body naturally produces wastes or metabolites such as lactic acid which keeps on accumulating in the body. However, the use of a massage therapy chair and stretching help in breakdown and elimination of these toxins.

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