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In this world of stress and work, it is necessary to stay sane and fit. You should be allowed to eat good food, drink fine wine, exercise your body and use available tools to ease the tension of everyday life. Massages are one good way to do this; most massage therapists are so skilled that you feel so light after each session. However, with the tight schedule most people have, coupled with the cost of hiring a masseuse numerous times each week, buying a massage chair would be a wiser investment.  

In buying any of the massage chairs Elex offers, you have to be particular about the type you need. Massage chairs are classified according to features, and each mainstream feature is designed to meet the specific needs of a group of people. It takes knowledge and discernment to be able to pick, amongst various luxury massage chairs, the right one for you. 

In this article, we would provide you with classification of massage chairs according to three features; essentiality, track design, roller type. Massage chairs can also be classified according to roller adjustment, and mode of massage. 


This is the classification of massage chairs based on the essence of their usage. If you want to buy massage chairs online, you should be able to identify what you actually want to use them for. According to this classification, massage chairs are divided into two types; hobbyist and therapeutic. 

  • Hobbyist 

A hobbyist massage chair can be described as one for general or everyday use. It is designed to put users in a relaxing and blissful state, and mainly focuses on reducing muscular tension and stress. They are also usually far less rigorous than therapeutic massage chairs. On the whole, they offer more luxurious features.

  • Therapeutic

The name of this class of chairs shows clearly what function and purpose they are designed for. Therapeutic massage chairs are used by people who have specific physiotherapic, health, and rehabilitation concerns they seek to address. These chairs are more rigorous, and they skimp out on added luxuries most times. They work to alleviate muscle pain and discomfort, ease out muscular knots, and to reduce tension and stress in the body. Therapeutic massage chairs would ordinarily come with features like deep massage, muscle compression, inversion therapy, zero gravity, etc. You can also use therapeutic massage chairs to correct posture too. 

Track design

This is the classification of massage chairs based on the rollers’ track design. In massage chairs, the motion of the rollers contributes to the chair’s motion which is what gives the user the sensation of having a massage. 

These rollers move along tracks, and the shape of the track determines what kind of massage chair it is. Based on this, there are three kinds of massage chairs:

  • Straight track chairs

These are chairs in which the tracks are fixed and are arranged along a certain length only. Though they allow motion in an X/Y axis, most of them are designed not to move along that axis at all. 

However, this is an old design; the drawback to it is that it requires that the user’s major points align fully with the massage chair. If they do not, and contact is not made with those parts and the chair, then the user would not really enjoy the massage. If you find one of these on the market, chances are that it’d be quite cheap. 

  • S-track chairs

These chairs have their tracks designed in an S-shape to fit perfectly with the way the backbone bends naturally. The rollers also move in motions that go in every direction, and the tracks are always lengthy enough to reach from the tailbone to the neck so that user height is never a problem. These are the tracks mostly found on massage chairs today. 

  • L-track chairs

Chairs with an L-track are basically S-track combined with a track continuation that forms an L shape at the bottom. This continuation allows the users to massage the muscles below the tailbone, including the gluteal muscles, bicep femoris, semitendinosus muscles, etc. Compared to the other two, this is novel, cutting-edge technology. 

Roller Types

The rollers are usually classified according to the motion they make during a massage. Based on this, there are three types (or four, depending on who you ask). 

  • 2D massage chairs

The rollers on this chair move along an axis and move in two directions, either up and down, or from left to right.

  • 3D massage chairs

The rollers on this chair move in two directions, and would also move in and out to trace a 3-dimensional shape that would feel pleasing on your back muscles and spine. Of course this would give you a more fulfilling session than you would get from a 2D chair.

  • 4D massage chairs

These are massage chairs that move along the same axis as a 3D chair, but usually fluctuate the speed at which the rollers move. As you can imagine, the combination of speed and flexibility in one massage chair screams prime experience.  

Regardless of where you check, you’d typically find any of these three massage chairs Australia distributes. However, some places have 5D massage chairs, which have all the features of 4D chairs but also apply more pressure and are more flexible. If you contact us at Elex, you would be pleasantly surprised to find chairs up to 6D. 


Massage chairs are pretty expensive, no doubt about it. And this is why it’s important for you to be smart on how you go about purchasing them. 

Here at Elex, we have the best massage chairs Melbourne has to offer, including financed massage chairs. Even more, our range of chairs are designed to fit into your budget, whether big or small. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for premium access to products you can’t get anywhere else.

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