How to Best Use a Massage Chair

Man in white massage chair next to woman in black massage chair with a wall of lights behind them

Massage chairs have been around for years now. People around the world are gradually and increasingly beginning to comprehend the benefits that it can provide to one’s health. Moreover, a lot of myths and ideas are attached with the use of massage chair that need to be let go of. Since, it is indeed a technological wonder, one needs to first study about how to use this thing properly.

It all looks simple in the beginning – you just get to sit on the chair and allow it to run its massage while you are relaxing. But that is not exactly how it works. Not everyone can grasp the technique to use it, and since you are spending a lot on one chair, you must first discover ways through which you can bring out benefits from it.

We, at, have a vast experience in providing one of the best massage chairs that come with a descriptive guide on how to use the chair properly. It is a great way to cure one’s back and neck pain as well as being fruitful for those who are just suffering from stress and overburdened with work.

Tips To Use the Recliner Massage Chair Safely

Massaging will ultimately increase the blood flow in other areas away from stomach, which could hinder proper digestion. Since the massage chair includes constant vibration, do not take it after heaving a meal as vibration can disrupt normal digestion function. People who are suffering from tumor, bone disease, neural disease, heart disease, pregnancy, cancer, or abnormal spinal cord should first consult the doctor before taking any kind of massage.

Most importantly, make sure you are following the user manual meticulously, because a wrong connection can result in electric shock. Double check to see that everything is connected properly as described in the manual.

Following are some extra tips that you should keep in mind before using Perth massage chair, so you would have all the safety precautions in hand and know how to effectively put the chair into use.

  • Raise the back pack and see if everything is in position. If you think that there is some defect, something is torn, or anything that is missing, call your delivery service at once.
  • Keep it strictly under supervision in case children are using it.
  • Do not place in a kids play area; keep the wires unplugged and not near their play area.
  • It is preferable to check the atmospheric range and set it in between 700 hpa and 1060 hpa.
  • Set the ambient temperature on the range around +10 to +40.
  • Also, the relative humidity range should be set on 30 to 75 percent.
  • If it is an electric chair, keep your wires far away from heaters.
  • It is better to keep a separate power point for your massage chair.
  • Try to wear loose clothes that do not have any collar before taking a massage.
  • Those who have medical electronic device implant should also consult a doctor.

This does not mean that people with health problems are unfit to have a massage. But asking a doctor first will be a great help because you will know beforehand of any possible side effect.

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